Spirits Marketing Goes Inspirational

Especially when you are marketing a spirit brand, a little inspiration can go a long way, as three different brands have shown.

By: Tiff Christie|January 8,2019

Last month’s spirits marketing campaigns took on a somewhat inspirational edge, ranging from making your cocktails right, through to what technology can bring to cocktails.

Bulleit wanted to inspire us by showing us the new frontier of the future; Four Pillars wanted to inspire us to make a G&T right; while Bacardi told us a story of family and legacy, that should appeal to all our better angels.

Bulleit Whiskey

Diageo-owned Bourbon brand Bulleit revealed the latest in their Bulleit Frontier Works programme – a series of projects and collaborations with modern cultural creators.

The lastest, the Bulleit 3D Printed Frontier, comes to life around a jaw-dropping 3D printed bar (which took over 2,000 hours to construct) and continued through 3-D printed cocktails

“Partnering with Bulleit was exciting because it gave us the opportunity to think about 3D printing with a frontier spirit, and to design a bar that conceptually and technologically brings the spirit of doing things differently to life,” said Marc Frohn, FAR Co-Founder and Lead Architect.

Sophie Kelly, Sr. Vice President of DIAGEO North American Whiskeys, continued that thought by saying “We are flipping the script on how we share Bulleit with people by creating experiences inspired by the frontiers of the past, to forge new frontiers today.

“From reimagining what a bar could be, to partnering with cutting-edge mixologists and robotics pioneers to print 3D cocktails, this experience defies convention in order to redefine tradition, taking people on a journey that explores new frontiers.

Four Pillars Gin

Australia’s own Four Pillars Gin launched their first ever brand campaign which teaches us how to make the perfect gin and tonic.

The ad breaks down the key steps and elements steps by saying: “Drop in some ice, add a splash of gin, a measure of tonic, a wedge of orange,  and you’re done”.

The ad was made by Interweave Group, Tooth & Claw and the Four Pillars Gin in-house creative team.

Co-founder and brand director, Matt Jones, said in a statement: “Let’s be honest, our summer story is pretty simple. It’s the time of year to keep things easy and smash out a few perfect G&Ts, made with our Rare Dry Gin, great tonic and a big wedge of fresh orange.

So, the least we could do was to make the film as gorgeous and playful as possible.”

The campaign will be running across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Bacardi Rum

Bacardi rum has hired Black Panther star Michael B Jordan to co­-direct a new film as part of its “continued efforts” to push premiumisation in the category.

Jordan stepped behind the camera with Emmy-nominated director Paul Hunter to tell the remarkable story of family, legacy and the BACARDÍ premium rum ageing process.

BACARDÍ enlisted Jordan – a self-professed ‘rum guy’ – to cinematically capture the history, heritage and story behind the aged premium rum portfolio.

The “narrative-­driven” film follows three characters as they each tell their own version of the story about the angel’s share – a term used to describe the portion of a spirit’s volume that is lost to evaporation during cask maturation.

With shots of aged rum barrels, dancing and old family photographs, the film celebrates the vibrancy, traditions and warmth of the brand’s Caribbean roots.

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Spirits Marketing Goes Inspirational

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