Taking A Deep Dive Into The Australian Gin Cocktail Cup

If you are looking to impress your friends this weekend with a new Gin Cocktail, then take a look at the drink that has just won the Australian Gin Cocktail Cup.

By: Tiff Christie|December 6,2018

In the dark and crowded atmosphere of The BarberShop, a bar in Sydney’s CBD, all attention (and more than a few phones) is directed towards a young Italian lad behind the bar. With nimble hands and a deep-seated enthusiasm, he communicates the intricacies of his creation to those who surround him.

Welcome to the finals of the inaugural Australian Gin Cocktail Cup.  Designed to not only highlight the talents of Sydney’s best bartenders, the Cup showcases some of Australia’s best Gins.


Giacomo Franceschi & Mikey Enright, with the winning drink, Deep Sea.

Celebrating the versatility of Australian Gin, the Gin Cocktail Cup was conceived by Judith Kennedy OA, the CEO of the Australian Gin Awards and The BarberShop’s Mikey Enright.

Out of 28 entries, the field was narrowed to five contestants who showcased the versatility of Gins from distilleries with such varied profiles as Four Pillars, Brookies, 5Nines, Manly Spirit and Hemp Gin.

The winning cocktail, from Giacomo Franceschi of Merivale’s Charlie Parker, was called Deep Sea. Starting with Manly Spirits Gin, Franceschi played off the Gin’s carefully-considered blend of sustainably foraged marine botanicals, by adding a sea asparagus infused Semillon, and a few dashes of sea celery cordial.


Take a journey with Giacomo Franceschi at Merivale Charlie Parker's using Manly spirit Gin and winning a place in the…

Posted by Australian GIN Awards on Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Sponsored by Fever Tree, the completion utilised the Gin knowledge of industry greats Jason Crawley, Andy Penny and Harriet Leigh as judges.

Enright who compered the evening commented: “What a great line up of judges, many years of experience and it was a really tough call for them. The cocktails have been next level. Congratulations to all involved”.

This outstanding cocktail will be served as a welcome drink for all guests at the Australian Gin Awards Trophy Presentation Banquet next March.

Deep Sea


60mL Manly Spirit Gin

20mL single Vineyard Thomas Hunter Valley Semillon infused with sea asparagus

6 dashes of homemade lemon tincture

3 dashes homemade sea celery cordial

Moss infused with vodka then distilled and sprayed around the cocktail glass.


Add all ingredients to a mixing glass and stir. Fine strain into a Nick & Nora glass

Garnish with an almond dropped into the drink

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Taking A Deep Dive Into The Australian Gin Cocktail Cup

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