Tanqueray Wants To Deliver The Perfect G&T To Your Door

Creating the perfect G&T at home has never been easier, as Tanqueray & Jimmy Brings launch Ginny Brings, a service where G&T Gin bundles are delivered.

By: Tiff Christie|November 29,2018

In Australia, the perfect Gin & Tonic is not just a drink, it’s an obsession.

We fiddle around varying the Gin we use, the Tonic with which we mix and the garnishes we apply, but what if finding the perfect G&T was just so much simpler than that.


Jimmy Bring (the company who have been bringing your booze Australia wide within 30 minutes or less), has teamed up with Tanqueray, to show you that the perfect G& T is closer and easier than you ever thought.

Launching on December 1st, Jimmy Brings with launch their little sister business, Ginny Brings, to East Coast Gin connaisseurs.

With a vast selection of “perfect G&T bundles”, curated by in-house Tanqueray gin experts, Ginny Brings will offer complimentary Fever Tree tonics and garnishes, giving Gin drinkers the convenience of enjoying the perfect G&T from the comfort of their own home.

Best of all though, the building blocks for this perfect G&T will be delivered to your door within an easy half hour.


Tanqueray’s Cocktail Mixologist, Krystal Hart, believes that “Australia’s love affair with gin is stronger than ever, but despite its incredible popularity many of us are struggling to make the perfect G&T at home.

“As we approach the summer party season,” she continued, “we want to give Aussie gin fans the opportunity to enjoy their perfect drink, as well as the confidence of having the right ingredients to make it at home.

Overall Gin consumption in Australia up by a huge 25% on last year, and it is believed that more than 70% of all the Gin that is being consumed, is making its way into the humble G&T.

The G&T bundles will be available across Jimmy Brings delivery areas in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

For those living in Sydney, there is an additional chance to enter a draw to win a bartender delivered to your door in 30 minutes. And it’s not just any bartender but Tanqueray’s own Cocktail Mixologist, Krystal Hart – “Ginny” – who will personally deliver the package and making the winner and guests a round of drinks on the house.


The full Ginny Brings schedule is as follows:

Bondi, Bondi Junction, Rose Bay, Bellevue Hill

Surry Hills, Redfern, Sydney CBD, Woolloomooloo

  • Wednesday Dec 5 to Friday Dec 7 ([5:00]-10:30pm)
  • Saturday Dec 8 ([12:00]-10:30pm)
  • Sunday Dec 9 ([12:00]-9:30pm)

Mosman, Crows Nest

  • Wednesday Dec 12 to Friday Dec 14 ([5:00]-10:30pm)
  • Saturday Dec 15 ([12:00]-10:30pm)
  • Sunday Dec 9 ([12:00]-9:30pm)

Bronte, Coogee, Clovelly, Moore Park

  • Wednesday Dec 19 to Friday Dec 21 ([5:00]-10:30pm)
  • Saturday Dec 22 ([12:00]-10:30pm)
  • Sunday Dec 23 ([12:00]-9:30pm)
  • Monday December 24 ([12:00]-10:30pm)

Bondi, Bondi Junction, Rose Bay, Bellevue Hill

  • Thursday Dec 27 to Friday Dec 28 ([5:00]-10:30pm)
  • Saturday Dec 29 ([12:00]-10:30pm)
  • Sunday Dec 30 ([12:00]-9:30pm)
  • Monday December 31 ([12:00]-7:00pm)

To order your perfect G&T and be in with the chance for Ginny to make a perfect round in your home, head over to Ginny Brings, or order via the official Jimmy Brings app.





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Tanqueray Wants To Deliver The Perfect G&T To Your Door

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