Giving The Gift Of Gin Is Easy As One, Two, Three

Nothing will make the Gin Connoisseurs in your life happier than the gift of flavour this Christmas with these trio gift packs.

By: Tiff Christie|November 27,2018

In the same way as the Three Wise Men who brought three gifts to the manger (gold, frankincense and myrrh), you can be equally as wise and bring three gifts of Gin to Christmas.
Yes, four different Australian distilleries are showing that three is the magic number when it comes to giving Gin this season.

Manly Spirits


Spoilt for choice, Manly Spirts is offering their trio pack of 200ml bottles of Manly Spirits delicious Gins, including
Double Gold winning Australian Dry Gin – made with a wheat spirit base, this Gin blends ten carefully-considered sustainably foraged marine, Australian native and traditional botanicals.  distilled into a pure Australian wheat spirit. The bright, fresh flavours of the citrus, marine & juniper give way to the gentle peppery notes on the palate to deliver a complex lingering finish.
Coastal Citrus Gin – with all the taste of summer on the beaches in a bottle, this Gin takes inspiration from the Australian Coast and its native pantry. Earthy citrus notes from Lemon Aspen partner with exotic Meyer Lemon to a give a punchy citrus hit which is offset by the delicate savour flavour from local Sea Parsley and Fresh Coriander leaf.
Barrel Aged Gin (Whisky 02) – if you are looking for a taste that is beautiful but complex then this Gin combines the best of Gin with the feel of Whisky. Aged in Bourbon and Single Malt whisky barrels for 7 months then blended with a splash of our own french cask maturing whisky added, this Gin will be savoured to the last drop.

Available from for AUD$90

Aussie Tipple ‘Women of Australian Distilling’ Gin Cocktail


Within these sets are three 100ml pre-packaged ready to drink cocktails each using gin distilled from women and their associated distillery’s around the country. Each set contains one of the following cocktails:
Dirty Martini by Sarah Lark of Kangaroo Island Spirits in South Australia using KIS ‘O’Gin’, Regal Rogue ‘Daring Dry’ and Alto ‘Olive Brine’. Enjoy a packet of Alto Martini Olives with your Dirty Martini.
Hanky Panky by Samantha Stefani of Archie Rose in New South Wales using Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin, Regal Rogue ‘Bold Red Vermouth’ and Fernet Branca
Aussie Negroni by Rachel Reed of Reed & Co Distillery in Victoria using Reed & Co ‘Remedy Gin’, Causes & Cures ‘Semi Sweet Red Vermouth’ and Applewood’s ‘Okar’

Available from for AUD$55

Hippocampus Gin Trio Gift Pack


The perfect way to try a selection of our award-winning gins, this pack contains the three most recent Hippocampus Gin releases.
Barrel Aged – Hippocampus Dry Gin aged in Margaret River Chardonnay barrels for 7 months. The time in the barrel has amplified the citrus character of the spirit and given it a well-balanced sweetness and mouthfeel.
Navy Cut – A bold, intensely aromatic gin. The Navy Cut is a resinous, citrus-forward gin with botanicals of Juniper, Coriander seed, Angelica root, Liquorice root, Orris root, Earl Grey tea, Grapefruit peel, Lemon peel, Hops (Citra and Galaxy), Green Cardamom pods.
Raspberry – The spirit for this gin was distilled with botanicals selected especially to work with raspberries (including Juniper, Coriander seed, Angelica root, Liquorice root, Orris root, Almond meal, Cassia bark, Orange peel, Earl Grey tea and Strawberry Gum leaf). After distillation, the gin was then macerated on a charge of raspberries giving the spirit its distinctive colour, aroma and flavour

Available from for AUD$94

36 Short Trio Gift Pack


36 Short are offering the ultimate Gin Trio! If you haven’t tasted the extraordinary products of 36 Shorts then give yourself (or others) a true gift this season. Named after their father’s suit size, this distillery offers one of a kind regional spirits handcrafted in South Australia. Within each trio, the distillery has packaged their Original Gin, their very tasty Blood Orange Gin and their Barrel Aged Gin into one handy set.
36 Short Original Gin is perfectly tailored with a balanced range of botanicals. Lifted floral notes over a full flavoured back palate make this Gin the equivalent of a black tie outfit.
36 Short Blood Orange Gin is flavoured with subtle aromatics of sweet herbaceousness, a spicy citrus lift with a hint of fresh pine and resinous notes.
36 Short Barrel Aged Gin with a golden colour and a unique taste of vanilla and spices gives this Gin a depth of sophistication to truly be enjoyed.

Available from for $89.95

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Giving The Gift Of Gin Is Easy As One, Two, Three

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