Spanish Liqueur Asks Us To Spend Time With Those We Love

Spanish Liqueur brand Ruavieja, create an ad that will make you rethink what it means when you say “#WeHaveToSeeMoreOfEachOther”

By: Tiff Christie|November 23,2018

As we all know, there’s nothing better than sharing a drink with those we love.

Sitting around with friends with a cocktail in hand, fixing the ills of the world or just talking about our hopes, joys and plans.

But the Christmas campaign for Pernod Ricard liqueur, Ruavieja, wants us to really consider how much time we allocate to those nearest and dearest.

What if we could calculate how much time we have left to spend with the people who we care about most? How would our attitude toward life change? How would our personal relationships change? Would we really make a point of “seeing more of each other”?


Rafael Santandreu, a psychologist who has collaborated in the project: “People say that their loved ones are their priority but the way they spend their time doesn’t support that statement.

“It’s to do with how the brain works… We are programmed to avoid thinking about how long we’ve got left to live, so we think that we will always have the chance to do the things that really make us happy.”

With the increase in technology and more specifically the increased amount of time that we all spend looking at our screens, the time we devote to those we care about most is becoming less and less.

In the last six years, mobile use has tripled, we consume more audiovisual content than ever and “the contact with the people we care about is moving to social networks,” says the spot. “As a consequence, we spend less time with our loved ones and more time watching screens. ”

According to statistics outlined in the campaign, in the next 40 years, we will spend 442 days playing with the mobile phone, 520 series days, 6 years watching television, 8 years on the Internet, 10 years watching screens.

But how much time will you dedicate to those who matter to you? If everything goes on like this, little, very little.

In the video, we comprehend how a simple statistic – the amount of time that we have left to spend with our loved ones- can have a great impact on members of the general public starring in the spot.

Kerman Romeo, the brand marketing expert, says: “At Ruavieja, we firmly believe that consumers want brands to talk to them about things that really matter, not only about products. Which is why we’ve launched this campaign because we’re convinced that a society where people care about how they bond with others is a better place to live in.”

The campaign created by Leo Burnett Madrid has received 7.8m views in just three days

Ruavieja has created a tool capable of calculating the time we have left to spend with the people we love (be aware the website is in Spanish). It is essentially an algorithm that can raise awareness about the need to see more of each other through a simple calculation and with data based on statistical information from different sources such as the National Institute of Statistics, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and from studies like the AEVI Videogame Industry Yearbook or Mary Meeker’s 2018 Internet Trends Report for Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers (KPCB).


The tool is hosted on an experiential website and users can answer a few questions to find out how much time they have left to spend with the person they have chosen. The questions ask how often they see each other, their age, where they live, etc.

“The best ideas are those capable of changing behaviours and sometimes even the way we live,” says Leo Burnett Madrid creative director Juan García-Escudero. “If we can get people to do all they possibly can to see more of each other, we will have done something worthwhile.”

Ruavieja wants to wake people up to a reality that they hadn’t even realised existed so that they can become more aware of it and begin to do something about it. If human bonding is the most important thing in life, then we must look after it.

Ruavieja Licor de Hierbas is a herbal liqueur from the family-owned Galician producer, first established in 1983.

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Spanish Liqueur Asks Us To Spend Time With Those We Love

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