Have A Cocktail Porter Bring You Your Next Cocktail

If you’ve ever wanted a Porter to deliver Cocktails direct to your door, then do we have the new company for you.

By: Tiff Christie|October 19,2018

No matter how fun it is making your cocktails at home, there are times when we’ve all just wished that bar staff came as a bonus when you buy your Gin.

When you are tired and you’ve just had a bit of a day (possibly like Scott Morrison had today) it’s easy to wish that someone else was behind the stick.

Well, it seems that a new Sydney company might have just read your mind. Cocktail Porter not only offers cocktail boxes, but also a monthly subscription service and pre-bottled cocktails, as well some of the main accessories you might need.

Really, Cocktail Porter is precisely as the name describes – someone who can take care of your cocktail needs (in whatever form they may take). And each product has been designed so that all you’re going to need is some ice, a chilled glass, and some garnishes.


Cocktail Boxes

Even though Cocktail Porter has only just started, their Cocktail Box range offers a Belafonte Spritz, a Martini, a Bloody Mary, an Espresso Martini & a Treacle Old Fashioned.

Bottled Cocktails

The Bottled Cocktail range is equally impressive with Blood Orange Negroni, Cold Drip Manhattan, Elderflower Gimlet, Olive Oil Martini and a Salted Honey Old Fashioned.

Monthly Cocktail Subscription Service

But it is the Cocktail subscription service that is the most intriguing of the offerings. Each cocktail kit has been designed and curated by lauded Australian bartenders, including Tim Phillips, former Bartender of the Year and owner of award-winning bars Bulletin Place and Dead Ringer.

With a different cocktail delivered each month, each kit contains the latest trends in cocktails from bars around Australia and the world, along with easy-to-follow recipes, pre-measured premium spirits, tailored mixers and quality ingredients to create simple but delicious tipples.

The kits, which each contain easy to follow instructions are set to be delivered on the 14th of each month (if purchased via subscription) or within 3-5 working days, will make between 14 to 18 cocktails per box.

Cocktail Porter is brought to you by Cameron Northway, founder and managing director of drinks experience agency Sweet&Chilli and co-founder of Bondi’s hatted bar and restaurant, Rocker.


“We have designed these kits so that all you have to do is grab some ice, chill the glass, gather some garnish and pop the cork,” says Northway.

“We wanted to create a cocktail concept that saved Aussies from having to run around store to store finding the right bottle of alcohol,” Northway continued, “the right mixer and appropriate garnish. We are sending the recipe and the bottles.

“You don’t even need to have a cocktail kit at home to make it – use a mason jar or Tupperware to shake up your cocktail. It’s less prep, more play and bang for your buck.”

Cocktail Porter Monthly Members Boxes come in at $135 per month. This is the same price as the Cocktail Boxes start at, whereas the Bottled Cocktails, which will be released soon come in at $17.

Flexible subscription options also allow customers to pause or cancel at any time. One-off purchases are available for those wanting to taste test a signature cocktail case, or as the perfect gift for that friend who loves entertaining.

Cocktail Porter encourages the responsible service and consumption of alcohol. For more information and kit details, visit Cocktail Porter.

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Have A Cocktail Porter Bring You Your Next Cocktail

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