Wild Plum Gin Has Just Blown In From The West

The West Winds Gin has just released their limited edition Wild Plum Gin (& thankfully, there’s no foraging required)

By: Tiff Christie|October 13,2018

There’s something unquestionably romantic about the idea of foraging to create the flavours in your Gin. Wondering the great expanse of this country to find the best, most unusual and definitely flavoursome ingredients that the Australian bush and surrounds have to offer.

And that is what immediately comes to mind when you taste the rich, warm, but slightly tart flavour of Wild Plum, the new expression from The West Winds Gin.

With a tantalisingly deep red colour that easily evokes an outback sunset, it’s easy to imagine walking through the damp rainforest in Australia’s far north in search of the Davidson Plum. But searching for this dark purple fruit that sprouts in grape-like clusters from its narrow, straight trunk is only part of the journey.


Wild Plum Gin & Tonic

To cut the tartness of the Plum, your exploration then goes to the other extreme, as you traverse the cold rugged mountains of Tasmania gathering wild sloe berries. From there to the desert where the dark, full, rich tones of Banksia honey is protected by swarms of bees.

As tempting as this adventure may be for those of us whose imagination is stronger than their adventurous spirit, it’s reassuring to know that The West Winds Gin have done the foraging for us. They have created a Gin that is no your standard flavoured Gin but instead a versatile and wildly individual offering.

The star of this Gin obviously the Davidson Plum, which is now valued not only for its soft juicy pulp but also the depth of flavour created by its sour, slightly bitter taste.

While the guys at The West Wind Gin have added sweetness through the Sloe Berries and Honey, they have left some of the sourness to come through. It is a taste that stimulates your saliva, so this is definitely a Gin that could easily do double duty as an aperitif or digestif.

This is the first release for Mitch “Rummy” Keane as Chief Distiller at West Winds Gin and it is an offering that is hard to pass up. Yet another “damn fine Gin” from our friends in the west.

Available in limited release from the distillery’s website for $84.99

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Wild Plum Gin Has Just Blown In From The West

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