This FAIR. Cocktail Will Bring An Ethical Ethos To Your Home Bar

Bring an ethical flavour to your home bar tonight by making the winning cocktail from the FAIR. Bartender of the year 2018 awards.

By: Tiff Christie|October 9,2018

If you are looking for brands that have a soul and an ethical ethos, you really can’t go past FAIR. and Noble Spirits.

And if you are after a cocktail that will do that same, then the results of the FAIR. Bartender of the year 2018, will go a long way to ensuring you’re on the right side of your spirits.

Raising awareness of sustainable drinking and best practice is as important in your Home Bar as it is at venues across the country and the world. And the competition’s finalists, who poured their hearts and social consciences into their drinks, provide some amazing inspiration.

Lachlan Gunner at Wilhelmina’s in NSW used FAIR. Vodka to create his cocktail, ‘Balmain Lux’. His cocktail was a message that highlights the connection between the demand for luxury items with the need to implement sustainable and eco-friendly practices around the world.

Valerio Conti from Noosa Waterfront Restaurant and Bar in QLD used FAIR. Gin to show the full range of ways produce can be used in his drink, ‘Circle of Life’. Using many natural flavours like Apple, Bee Pollen Syrup, Lemongrass, and Mint, the drink is all about how easy it is to keep it real and local.

But the winner of this year’s competition was Vincent Valliere, from Pelicano in Sydney, used FAIR. Belize Rum XO and FAIR. Café Liqueur to show that cocktails can not only be ethical by alerting us to global sustainability issues but can be pretty tasty too.

His cocktail, called ‘Bananodrama’, was created to raise awareness of the Banana crisis currently happening in Bolivia. Banana growers the South American country have declared a state of emergency due to the demand for their product in the Argentine market falling from 200 thousand to 100 thousand boxes in the last weeks.

Even the ‘glass’ in which the cocktail was constructed, used Banana leaf to show that if we were all to support Bananas, there would indeed be “no drama”.

The competition saw more than 60 entries from all over Australia and finalists were judged on the originality of the cocktail, how well they embodied the FAIR. ethos, and their willingness and ability to help change the industry. 

Vincent will travel to Bolivia, where he will be joined by other international winners for a once in a lifetime, off the beaten track experience. Going deep into rural Bolivia, they will witness farmers harvesting the quinoa that goes into FAIR’s delicious vodka. 

If you want to recreate this recipe and glassware at home, then we have included a video about making a banana leaf ‘glass’ 

And the recipe is below 



50mL FAIR. Belize Rum

10mL FAIR. Café Liqueur

20mL Tio Pepe

10mL Homemade Spice Banana Syrup

5 dashes of Dale de Groff Bitter


Mix all ingredients together in an ice filled mixing glass then strain into a banana leaf ‘glass’ 

FAIR., the world’s first Fairtrade certified spirits brand launched this competition to raise awareness towards sustainable drinking and award best practices amongst Australian – and worldwide – venues. All eight finalists showed amazing skills, commitment and passion.

FAIR. Spirits are available through Dan Murphy’s and all good Liquor Stores.

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This FAIR. Cocktail Will Bring An Ethical Ethos To Your Home Bar

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