Bringing Summer To Your Home Bar With New Gins & Mixers

From Gin to Fancy Lemonade, brands are releasing new product to ensure we keep cool during this long, hot summer.

By: Tiff Christie|September 15,2018

Spring may have only just started in Australia but a number of brands are already showing us wheat we will be drinking this summer.

Archie Rose Summer Gins

Sydney distillery, Archie Rose Distilling Co believe that summer is at the heart of what it is to be an Australian. And with their Summer Gin Project, they aim to demonstrate that in two parts, by looking at the flavour of the coast and the flavours of the bush.

Utilising the skills of Diego Bonetto, a specialist in ethical foraging and wild food, the Gins bring to life the essence of these two nationally important locations.

Bonetto was able to assist the distillers to find sustainably sourced, local, wild foraged plants, fruits and herbs that not only represented the flavours of these areas but also originated with them.

Bush, which will launch on 1st October, has Eucalypt and herbal notes.

Coast, which will launch a month later on 1st November, has fruit elements that evoke the refreshing coolness of the ocean.

“Working with Diego has made us re-evaluate how we view botanicals, and has allowed us to appreciate the craft and impact of distilling from a unique standpoint – that of the environment from which these ingredients are typically harvested,” Withers said.

“This process has shown us how amazing flavours can come from imperfect looking materials like under ripe pink peppercorn or weeds like farmer’s friend, which has had a lasting effect on how we consider the ingredients we source and consume in the distillery.

Both gins will be available through independent bottle shops, with limited quantities in Dan Murphy’s and Vintage Cellars stores nationally and of course through Archie Rose themselves.

Gordon’s Pink Gin & Soda

Another Gin that is set to make it’s mark of our Summer is Gordon’s Pink Gin. Now the Gin itself launched back in May, but the company are now making their Gin more accessible than ever with the release of their Pink Gin & Soda.


“The appetite for pink gin is going from strength to strength, while gin continues to be the fastest growing category in Australian spirits,” said Diageo’s marketing manager in Australia, Jodi McLeo

“We know our market wants an easy way to enjoy this trend that suits their lifestyle, and with Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin & Soda we’ve made it easier than ever to enjoy this summer.”

The RTD combines the sweetness of the Gin’s strawberries, raspberries and redcurrant flavours, with the lightness of soda to create a blush Pink Gin Spritz, designed to be enjoyed in relaxed, light-hearted afternoon drinking occasions.

“Gordon’s Premium Pink Gin & Soda is such an inherently shareable serve, both in design and the attractive pale pink of the liquid itself,” McLeod continued. “Consumers are continuing to choose pink gin because it not only looks great but actually delivers on flavour too.”

The four per cent ABV RTDs have a $21.99 RRP for a 330ml four-pack and be available through bottle stores nationally

If Summer is all about long drinks, then the mixers are just as important as the spirits and both Fever Tree and Strange Love have got you covered with the release of their new summer flavours.

Fevertree’ s Citrus Tonic

If Gin is not your thing, then the release of Fiver Trees Citrus Tonic, which is specifically made to accompany Tequila, might be just what your taste buds are craving.

Described as a blend of citrus including Mexican limes from Colima and Michoacán, tangerines from Vera Cruz and bitter orange from Yucatán, the Tonic has been created in collaboration with Tequila brand Patron.

The limited-edition beverage has been created to “revolutionise consumer thinking when it comes to a Tequila and tonic”.


“We are most excited about this collaboration. Fever-Tree and Patrón share the values of providing consumers authenticity, flavor and substance,” says Charles Gibb, Fever-Tree North American CEO.

“In addition, sourcing absolute top quality ingredients drives both brands. When we developed our Citrus Tonic, we scoured Mexico to identify the most dedicated producers of exceptional citrus fruits. This enabled us to create a mixer that complements and enhances Patrón Tequila’s stellar flavor profile.”

The collaboration also looks strengthen Fever Tree’s place in the US market, and subsequently strengthen Patron’s place in the UK.

Available through Red Bottle stores.

StrangeLove’s  Fancy Lemonade

In a move that put the lemonade stands of small children everywhere out of business, StrangeLove have released their Fancy Lemonade.

With layer upon layer of nuance and complexity, StrangeLove have created a truly awesome mixer with all the flavour, freshness and zesty Australian Lemon Juice that you would expect from a homemade Lemonade.


A simple drink, made complicated, made simple again. Firstly, StrangeLove sourced premium, pulpy Australian lemon juice, which added a true-to-life lemon zest and quality mouthfeel.

This was then layered with hi-spec Sicilian lemon and clementine oils, to create a unique, complex citrus profile.

Relatively dry at 6.0 g sugar/100 ml, this lemonade is a citrus masterpiece and represents a totally new take on this classic drink. Best paired with Gin, Vodka or White Rum.

Available from Dan Murphy’s and the StrangeLove website for $60 for a case of 24

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Bringing Summer To Your Home Bar With New Gins & Mixers

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