Tanqueray Releases Two New Gins in Australia

Explore two new, bold, citrus Gins that Tanqueray have released just in time for the approach of summer.

By: Tiff Christie|July 31,2018

For anyone who loves Gin, we are living in what can only be described as a golden age.

Distilleries around the world are producing not only high quality Gin but also incorporating flavours and botanicals not even imagined a decade ago.

So it’s not surprising that Tanqueray, one of the biggest Gin brands in the world, as added to their existing stable with two new expressions that are now both available in Australia.

Tanquery Flor de Sevilla and Tanqueray Rangpur both explore strong citrus stories that will be perfect Gin worthy additions to any home bar as we head into the warmer months.

While the flavour of the Flor de Sevilla might be new, the ingredient goes all the way back to the brand’s roots. Specifically, Charles Tanqueray himself used to implement Seville Oranges into his original recipe back in the 1830s. As well as Oranges, the Gin has four other botanicals and is described as having a “tangy, sweet flavour, with notes of Tangerine, Juniper and Coriander.

“Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla is something really new for the world of Gin and reflects our love of innovating with flavour,” said Anita Robinson, Europe category director for Gin at brand owner Diageo.

Meanwhile, Tanqueray Rangpur has been named after an exotic lime that originated in India. Originally launched by the brand in the UK in 2006, it is described as a “light, easy-drinking Gin with a juicy citrus taste”. This light expression stars Rangpur limes, as well as Ginger and Bay Leaves that have been added to the London Dry Gin’s classic base of four botanicals of Juniper, Coriander, Angelica and Liquorice.

Jodi McLeod, Tanqueray Marketing Manager, said: “Gin has become a really vibrant category, reflecting an increasing appetite for experimentation and flavour in spirits. These amazing expressions of Tanqueray bring together the heritage and craft of our award-winning London Dry liquid with a modern flavour twist inspired from Charles Tanqueray’s original recipe book.

“We love experimenting with flavour, and Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla and Rangpur are exciting liquids that really capture the essence of the exotic locations from which their signature ingredients originate. We’re looking forward to seeing how consumers enjoy each, particularly as we move into the warmer spring months.”

The Flor de Sevilla and Rangpur both have an ABV of 41.3 per cent and are available from liquor stores nationally now with a RRP of $65.00 for a 700ml bottle.

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Tanqueray Releases Two New Gins in Australia

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