8 Best Cocktail Accessories This July

We may be right slap bang in the middle of winter, but there are still some pretty amazing cocktail accessories out there that we’re loving right now.

By: Tiff Christie|July 27,2018

No matter other you are looking for new distilleries, cocktail books or glassware, July is a great month to add some little upgrades to your home bar. It may still be a little cold outside but hopefully some of these cocktail accessories will warm up your spirit-based endeavours.

1. Cold Brew Coffee Vodka


There are some amazing distillers popping up all over this great nation and none more innovative then Underground Spirits. Based in our nations capital, Canberra, Underground use a medical grade filtration system, to create a base so pure that the flavours completely shine. As well as completing a packaging redesign, Underground have also just released their new Coffee Vodka – combining two of our favourite things.

Available from for $90

2. Italian Spritz Syrup


Spritz Cocktails are all the rage at the moment and there is no easier way to make them than with some Italian Spritz Cocktail Syrup. Coming from the creative brains of the guys at W&P, this syrup is inspired by aperitivo culture. With a vibrant citrus and spice flavour, you only need  ½ oz syrup added to  4 oz Prosecco to create the perfect Aperitif. Briefly stir over ice, garnish with fresh orange and enjoy.

Available from for US$14.00

3. Negroni Finger Stirrer


From the mind of a truly extraordinary cocktail writer, comes a truly extraordinary cocktail accessory. The Negroni Finger Stirrer is in fact a life-size cast of Gaz’s own finger inspired from his legendary technique for stirring Negronis. So now you can give the finger to those you hold most dear or just get it for yourself – those Negronis won’t stop themselves, you know.

Available from for $59.99

4. Punk Whisky Tumbler in Ruby


The sparkling machine-made tumbler of the cheekily abrasive glass collection Punk is unlike anything seen before in glass. The tumbler is the right choice to enjoy any kind of cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Punk dusts off the concept of traditional crystal homewares and marks its continued evolution into a modern and functional product. And best of all, it comes in a wide selection of colours.

Available from for $34.96

5. Cocktails Across America


Cocktail culture boomed in the United States after Prohibition. The unique cocktail lounges and hotel bars were immortalized in the linen postcards used to advertise them. With over 50 vintage cocktail recipes (including several modern twists), fascinating historical vignettes, and more than 150 pieces of vintage ephemera, you will be transported to an era of unbridled indulgence and distinct glamour.

Available from for $24.95

6. Rogers-Smith™ Conical Jigger 30ml


David Wondrich is one of the foremost authorities on the history of the cocktail, so if he puts his name behind a product you know it’s got to be good. This conical jigger is inspired by David Wondrich’s own private collection. It is named for Rogers, Smith & Co., one of the earliest producers of “pony” glasses, which were commonly used for measuring before jiggers. It’s silver-plated with a 30ml capacity (with 15ml marking on the inside).

Available from for AUS$59.99

7. Wonderboom Portable Speaker


Nothing goes better with a cocktail then your favourite tunes an what better way to hear them than on a Wonderboom, super-portable Bluetooth speaker. With the surprisingly big sound, hear your music like never before via this 360 degree speaker with a big, beautiful bass. It’s easy to get sound that is clear and crisp, and best of all, it’s completely waterproof and floats.

Available from for $125

8. Aperol Spritz Cocktail Pin


Who wouldn’t want a tiny enamel pin to celebrate their favourite drink — an Aperol Spritz? Sure, it’s not summer yet, but this pin embodies everything that’s good about a long, hot Australian summer. So decorate your favourite jacket or bag with this little reminder that summer really isn’t far off. Or perhaps it makes a super sweet gift for your Spritz loving friends.

Available via for US$12

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8 Best Cocktail Accessories This July

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