8 Best Cocktail Accessories This June

As we hit the half-way point of the year, these are some of the cocktail accessories we’re loving right now.

By: Tiff Christie|June 6,2018

With a long weekend on the horizon, June is all about making the most of your time with friends. So whether you’re looking for a better way to rim your glasses or a flasher way to juice your citrus, check out our list below .

1.Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Digital Camera


Perfect for any parties that you are having over the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend, the Polaroid Instant Print Camera will catch those perfect Cocktail party moments. In a perfect size for being on-the-go, the camera allows you to snap, print, and share all of your favorite photos instantly with app-driven creative & new Bluetooth connectivity.

Available through for US$166.29

2. Fair Açai Liqueur


If you’re after a slightly more exotic liqueur, then Fair’s Açaí Liqueur is well worth a try. The taste is a cross between a rich blackberry or raspberry and a piece of dark chocolate and has the added benefit of containing a lot of antioxidants, fiber and heart-healthy fats. Açaí Berries are commonly grows in the rain forests of the Amazon but be assured that FAIR producers sustainable and ethical spirits

Available through for AUD$34.99

3. Frieling Citrus Press


Whether you need Lemon, Lime Grapefruit or Orange juice for your cocktail, a citrus press provides an easy or stylish solution. Simply pop a glass in beneath the juicer, place a citrus half on the raised cone, press the handle down and watch the fresh juice flow. The long rubberized handle maximizes leverage and minimizes effort, while suction cups ensure that the press stays upright.

Available from for $106.55

4. Dozenegg Margarita/Cocktail Glass Rimmer


When you want to create a professional look to the rim of your Margaritas, Bloody Mary or Gimlets, there is nothing better than this three tiered cocktail rimmer.  No matter how many cocktails you are making for friends, this unit makes rimming cocktail glasses easy, fun and fast. Each tier is labelled, so as to avoid cross contamination and it folds away for easy storage. 

Available from for US$10

5. Bleecker Bar Martini Jug


When you have friends over, there is no easier way to stir up a big batch Martini than in a martini jug. With its simple, bold shape, this Martini Jug brings a polished art-deco appeal to your home bar. The antiqued-brass finish and clear glass of this jugs design, make it an elegant entertaining piece, that can be used was easily for any cocktail as for a Martini.

Available from for AUD$69

6. Cocktail Syrup 3-Pack Set – W&P


The new line of Craft Cocktail Syrups from W&P make it a cinch to mix a simple cocktail that tastes great. Mix with your whiskey of choice for the Old Fashioned, which includes Demerara sugar and aromatic bitters, then stir with ice. The Spicy Margarita is made with sugar, lime juice and chili pepper extract for a not-too-sweet Margarita, and the Moscow Mule combines sugar, ginger and lime juice—just add vodka and top with seltzer.

Available from W&P for US$35

7. Australian Bitters Company Barrel Spiced Bitters 125ml


While these deliciously spicy bitters have been tailor-made to be used in a Manhattan Cocktail, they are equally at home in any drink that calls for a little spice. Carefully crafted by mixology experts to deliver an exceptional taste, Barrel Spiced Bitters combine over 20 natural botanicals. The bitters are not, as you might expect, barrel-aged but instead made by macerating various herbs and spices in a French Oak barrel.

Available from for AUD$20.95

8. Session Cocktails: Low-Alcohol Drinks for Any Occasion – book – amazon


Bartenders are increasingly moving away from strong, spirituous cocktails toward lighter low-alcohol drinks. Highlighting this trend, the new book Sessions Cocktails provides examples of drinks for more leisurely socializing through their “sessionability”. Driven by a renewed interest in Aperitifs, these drinks provide new creative opportunities for professional bartenders and home hosts alike.

Available from for US$15.17

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8 Best Cocktail Accessories This June

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